How to Swim with your Cochlear Implants

When we were deciding if we were going to implant our daughter Paisley, I had so many questions about what she would and wouldn’t be able to do. Would she be able to enjoy music? Would she be able to play sports? Would she be able to swim?


As of right now, the Med-El processors themselves are not waterproof, but waterproof plastic covers are available to protect the processors from water damage. The plastic covers are sold separately and can be ordered through Med-El. The company states that the WaterWear covers may be reused up to 3 times before disposal. It is also recommended to wear a swimming cap for additional protection.


Last summer (2020) Paisley did a month of swimming lessons and wore her wireless Rondo processors with the waterproof plastic covers on them. She also wore a swimming cap for extra protection. The processors stayed safe and dry. This summer (2021) Paisley has been wearing her Sonnet processors with waterproof plastic covers to the pool. She hasn’t worn a swimming cap too much and her processors have still continued to stay dry. We’d say that the waterproof plastic covers are a must!!


We are so thankful for the WaterWear covers. Because of them, Paisley gets to swim and hear at the same time!

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