Welcome To Paisley & Company

We live in a world today that has traditionally failed to use a broader spectrum of people in television,
music, fashion, pop culture, etc. Thankfully, we have become a more progressive society. Within the last couple of years, people of different backgrounds have been given more modeling and advertising
opportunities. The future looks bright, but we still have a long way to go as a society.
Here at Paisley & Company, LLC we are striving to provide more representation for children of every
race, gender, and disability. We feel that it is imperative that children see someone who is similar to
them advertising their favorite toy, their favorite television show, or even their favorite clothing line. For
this reason, we celebrate the beautiful brown girl with natural hair. We celebrate the spunky Latina with
bursting energy. We celebrate the girl who is deaf and dances to the beat of her own drum. We
celebrate the brown boy who rocks his cornrows. We celebrate the girl who has down syndrome and
lights up a room with her smile. We are over the moon about the diversity that our Original Brand
Ambassadors represent. Each child brings a special something to our apparel. They show that different
can be cool and fashionable. It is our mission to spread continuous love to children of all backgrounds,
because diversity is beauty.
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